Fan fiction allows you to explore your writing in a low-pressure environment

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I’ve been in a writing rut for the past month or so. I’ve published a few articles but not as many as I’d like. I’m a perfectionist, so sometimes I let my inner critic block me. Aside from ignoring that inner critic and sticking with my drafts, I’ve found that writing fan fiction has been an effective way to work through writer’s block.

Some say fan fiction is amateurish and silly — and sometimes it is. But that’s also part of what makes it so great. Fan fiction writers aren’t authoring the next Great American Novel — they’re writing for…

These books highlight the cultures, histories, and triumphs of Indigenous Peoples in Canada

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I admit that I don’t know a lot about Indigenous people and cultures — but I’m always willing to learn more.

In Canada alone, there’s a range of Indigenous groups with their own cultures, languages and traditions. Factor in Indigenous peoples from around the world and you see an even wider spectrum of diversity.

So, where do you even begin to start learning about these cultures?

Gaining knowledge about other cultures through fiction is a great place to start. Reading stories by Indigenous authors from Canada has been a joy because it’s been an educational experience for me.

Despite our…

Thoughts from a chilly walk

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Today I learned how to embrace the chill.

And I’m not talking about the relaxed kind of “chill” — although that’s always a good thing to embrace too.

I’m talking about the chill in the air. Why the heck does this matter, you ask?

Well, let me give you some background.

I Really Hate the Cold

I’m not someone who enjoys being cold. It’s funny because I live in Canada (one of the coldest places on earth). But I really don’t like it. I like warmth.

I love bright sunshine, crackling fires and cozy sweaters.

In stark contrast, I don’t like the way the frigid…

This graphic novel made me more appreciative of life

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I first heard of Strange Planet when I saw that it was a 2020 Goodreads Choice Awards winner for Humor. I’m not sure if it was the title, the colorful front cover or the synopsis — or all three things combined, but I was pulled in.

Graphic novels are a rare category for me, so it’s always a treat to read them, particularly when they’re funny. Within the first few pages, I was laughing out loud. It felt really good to read something humorous, especially in times like these. …

This small habit makes a huge difference when it comes to setting and achieving goals.

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How often do you review your goals? Daily? Monthly? Yearly?

I didn’t even review mine yearly — it was more like every few years. I’d write my bucket list of goals in a journal, stash it away and then come back to it whenever the list happened to cross my mind.

Despite not reviewing my goals that much, I still accomplished a lot. Some dreams seemed to seep into my subconscious enough to stick…but others sat stagnant on the page, remaining uncrossed and untouched.

The problem was that I wasn’t reviewing my goals frequently enough, so some of my goals…

A solution for keeping your bibliophilism alive and well

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How often do you write a book review? If it’s occasionally, I can relate. I used to only write them every so often too. However, this year, I’ve decided to write a review for every book I read.


I was inspired to implement this habit after reading the article How I Read More Than 80 Books in a Yearby Anangsha Alammyan. One of her non-negotiables is writing a summary or review for every book she reads.

I’ve taken on this new habit with interesting results. Since committing to writing a book review for every book I finish, I’ve…

Meditation can take you on an enlightening journey of self-growth and discovery.

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When I first set out to create a daily meditation practice six months ago, I was intent on easing my anxiety. The pandemic had abruptly ended my contract job. I’d also just completed an online digital marketing program. Gyms, cafes and movie theaters — my favorite third spaces — had all closed. So there was less to distract me and more time to think.

When I think back, I worried a lot. I fretted about assignment deadlines and group projects. Job loss and unemployment. My lack of finances. All typical worries.

But I often worried about small things too —…

And redefine your reading experience

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The fear of missing out (FOMO) affects everyone to some degree, including readers. It can happen while watching a YouTube book haul, reading an Instagram book review or seeing a person’s Goodreads reading update.

This phenomenon occurs when you perceive that others are having a better time than you, causing envy and low self-esteem. It’s natural to compare ourselves to others but FOMO is intensified online. For me, the self-doubt really hits when I’m participating in the Goodreads reading challenge and see a steady stream of updates in my Goodreads network.

Sarah has read Girl on the Train.

Yasmin wants…

It will change the way you see yourself and your life

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I believe that the best books turn up in your life at the right moment. Enchanting adventures give you an escape, informative books feed your curiosity and self-help guides offer you a new perspective — sometimes even changing the way you think.

For me, Neil Pasricha’s self-help book You Are Awesome: How to Navigate Change, Wrestle with Failure, and Live an Intentional Life has been life-changing.

Neil is an author, podcaster, entrepreneur and public speaker who promotes intentional living. …

Why we should listen to our ‘gut feeling’

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“Spontaneity, the hallmark of childhood, is well worth cultivating to counteract the rigidity that may otherwise set in as we grow older.” — Gail Sheehy

I don’t know about you but it’s been a while since I’ve given into a bit of impulse and just lived completely in the moment. Without any worries or expectations. With a childlike curiosity and wonder.

I’m naturally a daydreamer but rein it in with organized to-do lists and efficient Kanban boards. In learning how to adjust my dreamer tendencies in a productivity-obsessed world, I may have…

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